Missy Ann's Survival Guide to Healthy Shopping

Missy Ann's Survival Guide to Healthy Shopping
Purple food. Orange food. Red food. Green, white, black... Which spice is the best? Which oil do I use for cooking and which just for drizzling? Do I buy from a bulk bin? What happened to pre-packaged food? What? I have to bag it myself? How do I cook this stuff?
I need an instruction manual to help me!

I was intrigued by what I'd seen for sure, and not one to give in to a good challenge, I became determined to find my way around the labyrinth of foods in the store and to not feel lost or silly with lack of knowledge. Today I have no apprehensions in health food stores or even the health foods in a regular supermarket. It has been a trial and error experience with whole foods, local and organic, but it has made me appreciate more the connection between Mother Earth and me. And now it is time to share my knowledge with you.

As Dorothy followed "the yellow brick road to Oz," you can follow the ebook links to find answers to food shopping confusion! Let us be your Wizard in the market with no evil witches steering you down the wrong food isles. Come find the keys to your health and the answers to those confusing shopping questions you have had in our exciting DONE FOR YOU "Missy Ann's Survival Guide to Healthy Shopping" eBook!

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